SDG teaching tools and resources

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Indigenous People's Major Group for Sustainable Development (IPMG SDGs.) Indigenous People's Major Group engaging with the SDGs. Initiative implemented with funding by the European Union.

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Oslo SDG Initiative: Achieving the SDGs: Global goals and national interests. Free online course by the Oslo SDG Initiative, University of Oslo, Norway.

Oslo SDG Initiative: What Works? Promising Practices in International Development. Free online course by the Oslo SDG Initiative, University of Oslo, Norway.

TEACH SDGs: Volunteer organisation with the goal to actively support and enhance the work of the United Nations' efforts within K-12 classrooms by connecting with global educators dedicated to responding to a call to action within education to meet the Sustainable Development Goals, pointing to open and accessible resources, lessons plans, and global projects directly aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. See also their comprehensive ‘Responding to a Call to Action: How do you #TeachSDGs?’ blogpost.

The SDG Academy: The SDG Academy is the flagship education platform of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a global initiative for the United Nations.

The World's Largest Lesson in collaboration with UNICEF: A UNICEF project looking to integrate ‘A lesson about the #GlobalGoals for Sustainable Development in every school on the planet’. Free materials available on the website.

UN DESA Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Development Goals Knowledge Platform

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UNESCO and Gaia Education: